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24 Hour Stream Horror Story! – January 2021 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

Welcome to the 13th monthly game stream traffic and income report for the Check Point Professor. This month I broadcast my first ever 24 hour stream, I don’t know if it was a legit horror story, but it’s definitely something I will not be repeating any time soon. Details Below.

This is my First traffic report for 2021! This year represents a fresh start to how I approach my personal brand, livestreaming and video channels.

Keep reading to hear how I did this month. If you would like to take see where I have come from, here is a link to my traffic report from January 2020.

When & What Do I Stream?

My name is Gabriel, known on my streaming and social media channels as the Check Point Professor.

During my regularly scheduled stream of 7-9AM MST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can find me streaming Super Mario Maker 2. I really enjoy playing viewer levels with my community.

At random times you can also find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

Nearly all of my Twitch content is edited and uploaded to my YouTube Channel where I post content 5 days per week.

You can find my stream at

January 2021 Income:


Twitch: January $109.54 (prior month $14.05) 679% Increase

Teespring: January $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Patreon: January $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Total Earnings: December $109.54 (prior month $14.05) 679% Increase


Video Editor: $200

Total Expenses: $200.00

679% Twitch Income Increase in January 2021

I did something a different in January that I have never done before and that I will most likely never do again. I decided to try a 24 hour live stream. I did not know what I was getting myself into.

Needless to say I only made it 16 of the 24 hours which I thought was pretty good for an old fart like myself.

I won’t go into to much detail about how I approached the 24 hour stream here.

My rules for my 24 hour stream

  • I began the stream with a 3 hour start to finish time.
  • I added 30 minutes for every subscription
  • I added 15 minutes for every follow

What I did not account for were gift subs. I had a great stream, community interaction was great. Whenever I got close to the end time of my stream somebody would give out several gift subs and push the block back a few hours. I ended up getting the entire stream funded.

The last several hours were actually funded by a coworker who thought it would be funny to watch me suffer through the last stretch of the stream.

At 16 hours in I found myself hitting a wall at about 2am. I had some work meetings in the morning. Chat was zoning off as well and I decided to through in the towel. My coworker easily forgave me.

To add insult to injury I was told by members of my community that at my age a 16 hour stream was about equal to a 24 hour stream for a younger streamer.

To make a long story even shorter. If you were wondering how I gained 679% in Twitch income this month. It was all a result of the 24 hour stream.

January Traffic Highlights

  • 238% Increase Twitch Followers
  • 75% Increase in Twitch Average Viewers
  • 37% Increase of YouTube Click-through Rate

January 2021 Traffic

I streamed a variety of topics in January 2021 on my Twitch channel


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: January 11 (Prior Month 14)  21% Decrease
Hours Watched:  January 482 (Prior Month 161) 199% Increase
Followers gained: January 61 (Prior Month 18) 238% Increase
Total Followers: January 1265 (Prior Month 1204) 5% Increase
Views gained: January 777 (Prior Month 174) 47% Increase
Peak viewer: January 43 (Prior Month 52) 20% Decrease
Hours streamed: January 42 (Prior Month 11) 281% Increase

Twitch Summary

I had a big increase in watch time and followers for the month of January. This can all be directly correlated to the 24 hour stream attempt that I made.

I believe we can also attribute the decrease in average viewer count the same stream.

Only 11 Hours Streamed in December 2020

Similar to November, I took a lot of time off in December. This has been a really difficult year for my family and I.

I made the decision to limit my streaming in December so I could spend as much of the Christmas season with my family. It was well worth it, no regrets.

During the week I did stream I had some nice raids that kept my average viewer counts high.

885 YouTube views for the month of January 2021


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: January 867 (Prior Month 561) 54% Increase
Watch time hours: January 40.3 (Prior Month 30) 33% Increase
Subscribers: January 274 (Prior Month 256) 7% Increase
Avg views per viewer: January 1.7 (Prior Month 1.7) 0% Increase
Avg view duration: January 2:47 min (Prior Month 3:12 min) 14% Decrease
Impressions: January 11.2k (Prior Month 9.4k) 19% Increase
Click Through Rate: January 3.3 (Prior Month 3.3) 0% Increase

YouTube Summary

For those of you new to the blog. I edit my Twitch streams into 10 minute chunks and put them up on Youtube.

This has created a method for continual growth over the past year.

January has proven to be a consistent good month.

Top YouTube Video For January 2021

The above 3d modeling video received 213 views in January 2021 on my YouTube Channel.

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: January 450 (Prior Month 240) 87% Increase
Engagement: January 8 (Prior Month 8) 17% Increase

I am continuing to upload the same videos I upload to YouTube onto the Check Point Professor Facebook page.

I am still up in the air as to whether it is is worth the effort or not.

Top December Tweet


Followers: January 641 (Prior Month 623) 2.8% Increase
Tweets: January 70 (Prior Month 75) 6% Decrease
Mentions: January 16 (Prior Month 30) 46% Decrease
Profile visits: January 883 (Prior Month 473) 86% Increase
Tweet Impressions January 21.7k (Prior Month 23.6k) 8% Increase
New Followers: January 22 (Prior Month 14) 57% Increase


Followers: January 1209 (Prior Month 1215) 0.5% Decrease


Facebook page

Page followers: January 292 (Prior Month 289) 1% Increase
Net followers: January 3 (Prior Month 7) 57% Decrease


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


Social Media Update?

Ah Twitter, and Facebook. For better or worse those are the locations where I spam all my live streaming updates and video uploads.

I would love to find a way to grow more reach on my social media. With a full time job, and a family. Spamming updates will continue to be my go to method of social media interaction.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading my report. I do hope you found it helpful. I learn something new every time I ready it.

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