Big Raid! – August 2020 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

This month’s Checkpoint Professor August Twitch and Income Report is going to look a little different. First off, I got some big wins this month and I’m super duper excited to share them with you all, and I changed the format a little bit. 

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When I created these reports I did not want the focus to be on income at all. But it turns out, more people search for income reports than they do for traffic reports. So…

  1. I changed the formatting of the date for the current and previous month that I think will make more sense to the reader.
  2. I am adding Income to the report. 

Currently I am only making money from my Twitch Channel. Yay for that! 

For those who just want to see the money. I will show that information first. You can move on with your life at that point, or continue reading on to what I think is far more interesting, which is the traffic data. You choose!

When & What Do I Stream?

I’m a variety and creative part time streamer. Typically, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning you can find me playing Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels from 6:30 am to 8:30 am MST, but during the summer all bets are off. Instead, you’ll find me at random times streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

For the year of 2020 I have committed myself to post a YouTube video every day. This may seem daunting, but I batch edit them and schedule them out for the week.

You can find my stream at

August 2020 Income:


Twitch: $130.03

Teespring:  $0

Total Earnings: $130.03



How cool is that? I made $130.03 on Twitch! For me, this is a huge deal and I’m super excited. I want to give a shout-out to SimpleFlips and all the followers who raided me and subscribed, donated bits and followed me. You da real MVP! 

How Did This Happen?

August was an amazing month for Twitch Streaming for a few reasons. In July I made a return to streaming after taking a month long break due to an increase of work hours with my full time job. (As a side note, you’ll notice I streamed even less hours in August than I did in July.)

For the majority of the month I was consistent with my 3 mornings per week streaming schedule, but ultimately put my stream on hold again as I awaited for my wife to give birth to a new baby.

What I did not put on hold, however, was my Wednesday night evening streams dedicated to playing my kids levels they create for me weekly on Super Mario Maker 2. They are dedicated all week, and I typically have 10-20 levels to play. My youngest daughter is rough on me and loves to include the maximum number of bad guys. My older twins love to create troll levels. They are really getting good at game design! 

During my last stream of August I got a massive raid from streamer SimpleFlips. Check out the sequence of events from his channel and give him so kudos!

The funny part is that I purposely did not advertise that I was playing that night so that I could keep things low key. That is the exact thing that put me on SimpleFlips radar! I was able to break a lot of personal records as well as experience my first hype train! #HypeTrain 

Big shout out to SimpleFlips!

Way cool for a little streamer like me! 

Back to Income Report

For my first month showing my income, this is a bit of an anomaly, but I sure hope it will keep up! Nearly all of my twitch income this month comes from that single stream where I received a massive raid and was showered with subscribers and bits. 

I am not going to go into a detailed breakdown of how the Twitch earnings are broken down as I am unsure if doing so would break Twitch’s Terms of Service. But I made money, and that’s cool! 

I didn’t see any sales from my Teespring store in August, but I still feel it is important to include just in case one of you fine people reading this particular report would like to purchase a high quality t-shirt.

And, just in case you think that streaming is free. Oh no, no it is not. Next month I am going to be adding to the expenses breakdown so you can see the costs associated with maintaining a Twitch channel. Stay tuned for that!

Okay, enough enough about money. Let’s check out the traffic numbers for August.

August Traffic Highlights

  • 1837% Increase in Twitch Peak Viewers
  • 503% Increase in followers gained on Twitch over the previous month
  • 241% Increase of Twitch average viewer count

August 2020 Traffic

Check out that follower spike at the end of August 2020


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: August 41 (Prior Month 12)  241% Increase
Hours Watched:  August 772 (Prior Month 285) 170% Increase
Followers gained: August 169 (Prior Month 28) 503% Increase
Total Followers: August 1097 (Prior Month 922) 19% Increase
Views gained: August 1073 (Prior Month 482) 122% Increase
Peak viewer: August 1201 (Prior Month 62) 1837% Increase
Hours streamed: August 18 (Prior Month 22) 15.9% Decrease

What can I say. August would have been a really good month regardless given my lack of participation in June and July. But given the raid I received on my last stream at the end of August… a lot of records were shattered for my channel.

August 2020 saw a 60% increase in views over July


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: August 577 (Prior Month 360) 60% Increase
Watch time hours: August 30.2 (Prior Month 15.1) 100% Increase
Subscribers: August 221 (Prior Month 197) 12% Increase
Avg views per viewer: August 1.7 (Prior Month 1.4) 21% Increase
Avg view duration: August 3:08min (Prior Month 2:30min) 22% Increase
Impressions: August 12.2k (Prior Month 7.4k) 64% Increase
Click Through Rate: August 2.7 (Prior Month 2.6) 4% Increase

I am really happy with my YouTube channel this month. This is an example of consistency paying off. The numbers are not crazy, but they are all an improvement!

After getting some feedback from some members of my discord I have been putting a little more effort into the editing of my videos. For example, I posted a troll level that was 120 minutes long, and immediately got feedback that it was boring and nobody would want to watch it. 

Can’t argue with that response. 

I went ahead and pulled the video and made a 30 minute edit. It was received much better. Thanks tribe! 

For September I want to work on systems for editing my videos a little better, and a little faster. Maybe this means I will not be posting daily videos any more. We will have to see.

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: August 141 (Prior Month 44) 234% Increase
Engagement: August 7 (Prior Month 0) 700% Increase

In July, I said I was going to start posting my videos up on Facebook again. I did that and the result is a pretty good increase. 

I also stopped posting my YouTube links on Facebook in August. Nobody was seeing them, and I think it made my brand feel spammy.

Below is my top tweet in August.


Followers: August 435 (Prior Month 378) 15% Increase
Tweets: August 186 (Prior Month 50) 272% Increase
Mentions: August 89 (Prior Month 16) 456% Increase
Profile visits: August 186 (Prior Month 62) 66% Increase
Tweet Impressions August 22.7k (Prior Month 9.1k) 149% Increase
New Followers: August 57 (Prior Month 4) 1325% Increase


Followers: August 1240 (Prior Month 1250) 0.8% Decrease


Facebook page

Page followers: August 273 (Prior Month 267) 2.2% Increase
Net followers: August 5 (Prior Month 1) 400% Increase


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


I made a new Twitter discovery this month that I was not aware of. You can schedule tweets on a pc web browser! 

I feel like this is a game changer for me. I am able to upload my videos and then schedule them to be tweeted for the entire week. I have also started scheduling out comments and retweets on other people’s feeds so they are spread out through the day. 

This also makes my brand feel less spammy and people are more likely to engage. It also saves some time as I can do more bulk scheduling.

In addition, my facebook page seems to appreciate that I am not spamming it with my duplicate tweets. I am just letting facebook advertise my videos organically and I am fine with that for now.

In September I am going to give a little more attention to Instagram. Frankly it is dying from neglect and I like to see everything growing.

Take Away:

Getting raided by big streamers is awesome! But probably should not be counted on, though don’t let that stop you from raiding me! 

Scheduling tweets saves time and is effective!

Money isn’t everything. I am getting more joy from seeing my traffic increase by finding ways to improve systems of production and quality of content.

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