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My Last Traffic Report! Goodbye! – December 2020 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

Welcome to the 12th monthly game stream traffic and income report for the Check Point Professor.

This is my LAST traffic report for 2020! I am so glad this year has come to an end.

I have been now been creating these monthly reports for an entire year. When I began the idea was to keep keep them from a year to see what I could learn.

How that I have completed that goal. What next?

Keep reading to hear how I did this month. If you would like to take see where I have come from, here is a link to my traffic report from January 2020.

When & What Do I Stream?

My name is Gabriel, known on my streaming and social media channels as the Check Point Professor.

During my regularly scheduled stream of 7-9AM MST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can find me streaming Super Mario Maker 2. I really enjoy playing viewer levels with my community.

At random times you can also find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

Nearly all of my Twitch content is edited and uploaded to my YouTube Channel where I post content 5 days per week.

You can find my stream at

December 2021 Income:


Twitch: December $14.05 (prior month $27.91) 49.65% Decrease

Teespring: December $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Patreon: TBD

Total Earnings: December $14.05 (prior month $27.91) 49.65% Decrease


Video Editor: $200

Total Expenses: $200.00

It’s Seriously Not About The Money

This is exactly what people say when they are not making money on their channels! Ha ha!

The truth is that money is usually a sign of quality content and doing things right. If you are just streaming for fun, then you should not be concerned about the money side of things at all.

The truth is, I probably will not make much money from playing Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels. But it is something that I seriously enjoy doing.

The Super Mario Maker 2 videos are not nearly as popular as a few of the other art related videos that I have posted on YouTube. So, while I will continue posting things I think will drive more traffic to my channel. I still need to continue with the things I enjoy, or it really isn’t worth it to me. And that is playing games.

Enough of that though. Let’s talk about some of the traffic numbers I experienced my last month of streaming in 2020 and break them down a little.

December Traffic Highlights

  • 30% Increase YouTube Views
  • 75% Increase in Twitch Average Viewers
  • 37% Increase of YouTube Click-through Rate

December 2020 Traffic

December 2020 Checkpoint Professor games played by views
December 2020 twitch games played by viewer count


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: December 14 (Prior Month 8)  75% Increase
Hours Watched:  December 161 (Prior Month 220) 36% Decrease
Followers gained: December 18 (Prior Month 31) 72% Decrease
Total Followers: December 1204 (Prior Month 1186) 2.5% Increase
Views gained: December 526 (Prior Month 545) 1.5% Increase
Peak viewer: December 52 (Prior Month 23) 126% Increase
Hours streamed: December 11 (Prior Month 25) 127% Decrease

Twitch Summary

Check Point Professor December 2020 YouTube Views
Check Point Professor December 2020 YouTube Views

Only 11 Hours Streamed in December 2020

Similar to November, I took a lot of time off in December. This has been a really difficult year for my family and I.

I made the decision to limit my streaming in December so I could spend as much of the Christmas season with my family. It was well worth it, no regrets.

During the week I did stream I had some nice raids that kept my average viewer counts high.


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: December 561 (Prior Month 429) 30% Increase
Watch time hours: December 30 (Prior Month 24.1) 24% Increase
Subscribers: December 256 (Prior Month 250) 2.4% Increase
Avg views per viewer: December 1.7 (Prior Month 1.6) 6.2% Increase
Avg view duration: December 3:12 min (Prior Month 3:21 min) 4.4% Decrease
Impressions: December 9.7k (Prior Month 9.9k) 2% Decrease
Click Through Rate: December 3.3 (Prior Month 2.4) 37.5% Increase

YouTube Summary

Even though I was not streaming as much in December. I still have plenty of videos on the back log so I never have to miss a YouTube post.

I was able schedule out all the videos in advance and still spend time with my family while I was taking a break from the live stream.

I am very happy to see my traffic continue to increase.

Top YouTube Video For December 2020

Check Your YouTube Analytics

As I mentioned above. I spend a lot of time streaming Super Mario Maker 2 on Twitch. Those streams do great on Twitch, but are not as popular on YouTube. But I love streaming it.

My top video was from an art stream that I did on Twitch back in June. It was not popular on Twitch, but is starting to get a lot more exposure on YouTube.

This month I am going to start adding similar 3D modeling videos to YouTube and see if the get similar traction.

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: December 240 (Prior Month 65) 269% Increase
Engagement: December 8 (Prior Month 2) 300% Increase

I mentioned last month that I was going to repost my YouTube videos to the FaceBook page. I have found that if I upload a weeks worth right after I have uploaded them to YouTube I am able to batch them all out in about 10 minutes. They seem to be getting some views, so I will continue to do that.

Top December Tweet


Followers: December 623 (Prior Month 600) 3.8% Increase
Tweets: December 75 (Prior Month 85) 11% Decrease
Mentions: December 30 (Prior Month 18) 40% Decrease
Profile visits: December 473 (Prior Month 490) 3% Decrease
Tweet Impressions December 23.6k (Prior Month 20.1k) 17% Increase
New Followers: December 14 (Prior Month 38) 63% Decrease


Followers: December 1215 (Prior Month 1226) 0.89% Decrease


Facebook page

Page followers: December 289 (Prior Month 282) 2.4% Increase
Net followers: December 7 (Prior Month 5) 40% Increase


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


Social Media Update?

With the holidays I have slacked on my social media game. Not as many posts this month.

What’s Next?

I have a feeling things are really going to explode this year with all the Game Streaming activities I have planned for January and the rest of the year.

I will continue with these reports until I don’t fine them beneficial any more. If you have found them helpful I would love to hear from you. Is there anything you would like me to add to these reports?

Thanks for stopping by!

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