2,472% Increase in YouTube Traffic! – February 2021 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

This my 14th monthly income and traffic report for my YouTube and Twitch game streaming channels. I post these reports as a way to track my progress, find patterns and learn from mistakes. I hope you find the information helpful, informative and interesting.

This month I increased my YouTube views by 2,472%. Keep reading to find out how I achieved this incredible increase.

You can catch up on last months income report here.

When & What Do I Stream?

My name is Gabriel, known on my streaming and social media channels as the Check Point Professor.

During my regularly scheduled stream of 7-9AM MST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can find me streaming Super Mario Maker 2. I really enjoy playing viewer levels with my community. At random times you can also find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

Nearly all of my Twitch content is edited and uploaded to my YouTube Channel where I post content 5 days per week.

You can find my stream at twitch.tv/checkpointprofessor

February 2021 Income:


Twitch: February $24.32 (prior month $109.54) 77% Decrease

Teespring: February $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Patreon: February $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Total Earnings: February $24.32 (prior month $109.54) 77% Decrease


Video Editor: $200

Total Expenses: $200.00

77% Decrease in Twitch Income in February

There is a simple reason for the decrease in Twitch income this month. Last month I attempted a 24 hour stream on my Twitch channel. I doubt I will ever do it again, even though I did reach my highest month in Twitch revenue. Still not worth it.

February Traffic Highlights

  • 2472% Increase YouTube views
  • 76% Increase in Twitch Average Viewers
  • 490% Increase of YouTube watch time

February 2021 Traffic

Check Point Professor streamed a variety of stuff in February on his channel


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: February 15 (Prior Month 11)  36% Increase
Hours Watched:  February 591 (Prior Month 482) 22% Increase
Followers gained: February 59 (Prior Month 61) 3% Decrease
Total Followers: February 1328 (Prior Month 1265) 5% Increase
Views gained: February 1368 (Prior Month 777) 76% Increase
Peak viewer: February 56 (Prior Month 43) 30% Increase
Hours streamed: February 38 (Prior Month 42) 9% Decrease

Twitch Summary

My consistent twitch schedule continues to provide consistent results. I have not been trying any new things or doing anything above and beyond with my live stream this month.

Currently I am teaching a game streaming class at a local University. This is good for me as it helps me research game streamers as well as discuss topics like branding and presentation with my students.

I can see room for improvement with my online presentation. I will be talking about these things in the coming months.

The end of February saw a huge spike in viewers


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: February 22.3k (Prior Month 867) 2472% Increase
Watch time hours: February 237.8 (Prior Month 40.3) 490% Increase
Subscribers: February 384 (Prior Month 274) 40% Increase
Avg views per viewer: February 1.2 (Prior Month 1.7) 29% Decrease
Avg view duration: February 0:38 min (Prior Month 2:47 min) 77% Decrease
Impressions: February 22.1k (Prior Month 11.2k) 97% Increase
Click Through Rate: February 2.5 (Prior Month 3.3) 24% Decrease

YouTube Summary

Holy smokes! I had a massive increase in YouTube views this month! And the truth is, I got the majority of the views during the last few days of the month. So I expect to see an even bigger increase in March!

How did I do it? I will just come right out and tell you. I posted some YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are essentially YouTube’s answer to TikTok. They are videos in a vertical format that are under a minute. Pretty simple right?

I have been hearing a lot about YouTube shorts for a while now and was told that they can get a lot of views. I blew it off, but recently decided to test them out. Needless to say, they have been taking off like crazy!

Top YouTube Video For February 2021

Above was my most viewed video for the month of February 2021 with 4.4k views

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: February 307 (Prior Month 450) 31% Decrease
Engagement: February 9 (Prior Month 17) 47% Decrease

Comment on Facebook

Top February Tweet



Followers: February 665 (Prior Month 641) 3.7% Increase
Tweets: February 97 (Prior Month 70) 38% Increase
Mentions: February 37 (Prior Month 16) 131% Increase
Profile visits: February 778 (Prior Month 883) 11% Decrease
Tweet Impressions February 29k (Prior Month 21.7k) 33% Increase
New Followers: February 24 (Prior Month 22) 9% Increase



Followers: February 1190 (Prior Month 1209) 1.5% Decrease


Facebook page

Page followers: January 292 (Prior Month 289) 1% Increase
Net followers: January 3 (Prior Month 7) 57% Decrease


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


Social Media Takes Time.

I have never been great at posting on social media. I have found my formula, but it feels just like that. A formula. I post when I go live, I post when I have updates. I would love to hear any advice on how to better use social media more effectively.

Until I hear that magic technique I will just keep up with the slow and steady progress I am making.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading my report. I do hope you found it helpful. I learn something new every time I write it.

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