October Checkpoint Professor Twitch Youtube Income and Traffic Report

October 2020 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

This is the  October edition of my monthly game live stream income and traffic report for the Check Point Professor. If you have been here before then you know the drill. If it is your first time here, hello and welcome.

Whether you are here to learn about how to make money or grow your traffic on twitch and YouTube, or are just looking for general tips and encouragement for your channel. You’ve come to the right place.

My 10th Month Creating Traffic Reports

I have been documenting my live streaming journey for 10 months now. Feel free to check out my February report where I compared January’s numbers and talked about my methods for positing my content.

In a couple months I plan to do an annual traffic report where I break down the big picture on how my channels progressed over the course of the year. I must admit I am more than a little bit excited about this.

When & What Do I Stream?

My name is Gabriel, known on my streaming and social media channels as the Check Point Professor.

During my regularly scheduled stream of 7-9AM MST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can find me streaming Super Mario Maker 2. I really enjoy playing viewer levels with my community.

At random times you can also find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

For the year of 2020 I have committed myself to post a YouTube video every day. In some ways I have failed the goal. In other ways, I have learned a lot.

Keeping up with daily youtube uploads has proven difficult this year and so I have transitioned to 3 YouTube uploads per week, also hired a part time video editor to handle all of the video editing.

This has been a huge relief, and has allowed me to focus on my full time job, family, and improving my stream.

Let’s get on to the report.

You can find my stream at twitch.tv/checkpointprofessor

October 2020 Income:


Twitch: October $26.26 (prior month $14.96) 88.5% Increase

Teespring: October $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Total Earnings: October $26.26 (prior month $14.96)


Video Editor: $200

Total Expenses: $200

I am positive this is not all the expenses. There are always little odds and ends that come up. I will try to be more thoughtful in my future posts about expenses that arise throughout the month.

You may have noticed that my expenses far out weight my earnings. Just you wait till I do a better job listing my expenses.

Moral of the story. If you are streaming just to make money and not because you really enjoy. There is a good chance that you will have a bad experience.

October Traffic Highlights

  • 265% Increase in Twitch Hours Watched
  • 265% Increase in Twitch Views Gained
  • 33% Increase of YouTube Views

October 2020 Traffic

October 2020 Twitch Games and Viewers Stats


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: October 11 (Prior Month 13)  15.4% Decrease
Hours Watched:  October 312 (Prior Month 85) 265.5% Increase
Followers gained: October 46 (Prior Month 19) 142.1% Increase
Total Followers: October 1155 (Prior Month 1125) 2.5% Increase
Views gained: October 545 (Prior Month 149) 265.8% Increase
Peak viewer: October 48 (Prior Month 37) 29.7% Increase
Hours streamed: October 27 (Prior Month 6) 336% Increase

My Twitch traffic is looking pretty good for the month of October. They have all increased but one, the average viewer count. This is where I will focus my attention next month because the average viewer count is one of the most important stats that the Twitch platform cares about.

Twitch Only Cares About Viewer Count

To be visible on twitch you need to have viewers, otherwise your channel will rank so low on your category that it will be difficult for anybody that does not follow you to discover you. Twitch makes money from add revenue, so of course they are going to promote channels that have the most viewers watching them.

It is literally a popularity contest.

One of my goals for next month will be to investigate why my average views are going down, and how I can improve the situation.

Some Questions For Myself:

  • Am I interacting with my community enough? i.e. am I boring?
  • Am I streaming on a consistent schedule?
  • Am I playing the right game or games for my community?
  • Do I have audio/visual issues?
August 2020 saw a 60% increase in views over July


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: October 463 (Prior Month 309) 33.2% Increase
Watch time hours: October 23.1 (Prior Month 16) 30% Increase
Subscribers: October 240 (Prior Month 233) 3% Increase
Avg views per viewer: October 1.7 (Prior Month 1.6) 6.2% Increase
Avg view duration: October 2:59min (Prior Month 3:05min) .8% Decrease
Impressions: October 7k (Prior Month 5.6k) 25% Increase
Click Through Rate: August 3.3 (Prior Month 3.0) 9.9% Increase

Just like with Twitch, the majority of my traffic stats are on the increase. They are all signs that I am doing the right thing as far as posting consistently on YouTube.

However, the one key area where I decreased is a very important one. View duration is incredibly important to the YouTube algorithm. YouTube wants to see that you are engaging your audience with your content, and they will then reward you by showing it to more people.

A good rule of thumb is that you want your average view duration to be over 50% of your video length. Most of my videos are 10 minutes or more, which means I am not quite hitting the 50% mark before viewers are dropping off.

What I need to investigate to increase my average view duration:

  • Be more engaged with my audience. (Less boring)
  • Make more enticing edits to the videos

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: October 26 (Prior Month 34) 23% Decrease
Engagement: October 1 (Prior Month 1) 0% Increase

Seriously though. I am considering removing Facebook video from my stats. It is sad, pathetic and neglected. Perhaps one day I will see the value in posting videos to Facebook as I once did.

When I started keeping this traffic post 10 months ago my philosophy was to reuse content on multiple platforms. As simple as that sounds, it still takes considerable effort that ultimately takes time from working directly on content.

Top October Tweet



Followers: October 562 (Prior Month 445) 26% Increase
Tweets: October 127 (Prior Month 35) 262% Increase
Mentions: October 31 (Prior Month 26) 19% Increase
Profile visits: August 624 (Prior Month 197) 216% Increase
Tweet Impressions October 20.8k (Prior Month 6.8k) 508% Increase
New Followers: October 117 (Prior Month 10) 1070% Increase



Followers: October 1223 (Prior Month 1231) 0.64% Decrease


Facebook page

Page followers: October 277 (Prior Month 275) 1% Decrease
Net followers: October 2 (Prior Month 7) 71% Decrease


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


Twitter and Facebook are my bread and butter with advertising my streaming channel.

I have been making a concerted effort on Twitter to do more than self promotion and it has paid off this month.

Twitter items I’ve focused on this month:

  • Commenting on and following similar Twitter profiles
  • Mention people on Twitter who gave me a raid on my stream
  • Retweet and like liberally

That is about it for my 10th income/traffic report. I would love to hear your feedback. What can I do better? Did you find any of this information helpful as you are building your stream audience?

See ya next month!

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