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Riding the Stream Roller Coaster – May 2020 Twitch YouTube Traffic Report

Hi, and welcome to my fifth monthly stats report for my Youtube, Twitch and Social Media channels. 

If you read my report from April (link), then you are probably aware that I am playing a little game of catch up with my traffic reports. If you didn’t, then welcome! Enjoy the stats!

Typically, I like to add a theme to these reports to give it a little added value with some tips and tricks I have learned thus far on my streaming journey. But seeing as it is currently August and I need to get these reports published, I’m going to forgo the bells and whistles till July.

Riding The Steam Roller Coaster

Like always, my goal with my traffic report is to learn and document what I am doing so I can focus on what works, and to present this information to others so they might be able to find some use from it.

You can find my stream at

When And What Do I Stream?

I’m a variety and creative part time streamer. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning you can find me playing Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels from 7 am to 9 am MST. I am also a full time dad, so I do my best to make this weekly schedule. At random times you will find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game projects.

For the year of 2020 I have committed myself to post a YouTube video every day. This may seem daunting, but I batch edit them and schedule them out for the week.

May Growth Highlights

  • 20% Increase in Twitch Followers
  • 20% Increase in YouTube Subscribers

May 2020

May twitch follows
May saw a 20% follower increase over April


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: 12 → 14  (+2) +16.7%
Hours Watched: 611 → 545 (-66) -10.8%
Followers gained: 118 → 129 (+11) +9.3%
Total Followers: 706 → 835 (+129) +20%
Views gained: 1184 → 830 (-354) -29.9%
Peak viewer: 38 → 36  (-2) -5.3%
Hours streamed: 48 → 36 (-12)  -26.2%

During the first week of May the classes I teach came to an end for the summer. With that, there was a natural decline in less streaming of student and indie games to give feedback over twitch. My hours took a pretty good dip, 4 less hours streaming per week.

Even so, I was able to continue my set Mario Maker 2 schedule of 3 days per week. It makes sense that I would have less views and hours watched without the classes. 

What I am pleased to see is that the consistent weekly stream schedule has continued to pay off, my average view count and increase in followers has continued to rise. These are stats I feel will add the most to the overall growth over time.

May 2020 YouTube subscribers saw a 20% increase over April


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: 3.1k → 1.0k (-2.1k) -67%
Watch time hours: 202.8 → 63.5 (-139.3) -68%
Subscribers: 145 → 174  (+29) +20%
Avg views per viewer: 1.3 → 1.7 (+.4) +30.7%
Avg view duration: 3:55 min → 3:48 min (-7 sec) -1.7%
Impressions: 44.3k → 16.1k (-28.2k) -63%
click through rate: 4.9% → 3.6% (-1.3%) -36%

Last month I got a boost in views because of an indie horror student game that I streamed.  The game had gone viral, and it increased my views. I did not expect that to continue, and as expected, the views dropped this month.

We are back to the slow and steady approach to gaining views on YouTube.

Though I think playing newly released free Steam games periodically in the future might be a good idea for my stream.

Regardless of the dip, I am happy to see a 20 percent increase in subscribers.

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: 228 → 112 (-116) -50%
Engagement: 1 → 7 (+6) +600%

Yet another month has gone by that I have not cared for Facebook. I really think I need to change that soon even though Facebook is the worst. 

Still, it seems a waste not to double dip on the video content I am creating for YouTube.


Followers: 351 → 370 (+19) +5.4%
Tweets: 100 → 91 (-9) -9%
Mentions: 19 → 13 (-6) -31%
Profile visits: 172 → 117 (-53) -31%
Tweet Impressions: 25.1k → 17.2k (-7.9k) -31%
New followers: 15 → 19 (-4) -26%


Followers: 1274 → 1260 (-14) -1%


Facebook page

Page followers: 258 → 266 (+8) +3%


Checkpoint Town Discord Server

Nothing has changed much in my approach to social media in the past couple of months. When I post a new YouTube video I share them across my social media channels.

Instagram is the most neglected of them all, since it is not as easy to post a quick message on. I’m also not sure how much engagement I would get from Instagram to my YouTube and Twitch channels.

Take Away:

I need to reflect on my social media accounts and how to leverage them for more engagement to my YouTube and Twitch channels.

Also, what comes up must come down. You can’t count on things going viral every month. Build your house on a consistent foundation.

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