November 2020 Income Traffic Report

The Holiday Dip – November 2020 Twitch YouTube Income and Traffic Report

Welcome to the 11th monthly game stream traffic and income report for the Check Point Professor.

When & What Do I Stream?

My name is Gabriel, known on my streaming and social media channels as the Check Point Professor.

During my regularly scheduled stream of 7-9AM MST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can find me streaming Super Mario Maker 2. I really enjoy playing viewer levels with my community.

At random times you can also find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game and art projects.

For the year of 2020 I have committed myself to post a YouTube video every day. In some ways I have failed the goal. In other ways, I have learned a lot.

Keeping up with daily youtube uploads has proven difficult this year and so I have transitioned to 3 YouTube uploads per week, also hired a part time video editor to handle all of the video editing.

This has been a huge relief, and has allowed me to focus on my full time job, family, and improving my stream.

Let’s get on to the report.

You can find my stream at

November 2020 Income:


Twitch: November $27.91 (prior month $26.26) 5.91% Increase

Teespring: November $0 (prior month $0) 0% Same

Patreon: TBD

Total Earnings: November $27.91 (prior month $26.26)


Video Editor: $200

New Green Screen: $33.69

Green Chair Cover: $22.98

Total Expenses: $256.94

Like I said I am trying to take better accounting for the monthly costs of my stream. This list will continue to grow I am sure with items both monthly and one off that I don’t realize I am spending.

If I continue creating these reports after this year is over, I would like them to be as transparent as possible for those who read it so they can understand just how much it costs to keep up a game stream.

Keep in mind. Currently I am up to date on equipment. If I weren’t, that would be a considerable investment if you were to start from scratch.

It is not necessary to have the biggest and best when you begin streaming. I believe most people generally could start streaming today with minimal investment. Especially if you are already a video gamer player.

Wants vs Needs

This month I decided to upgrade my green screen. My old one was functional but very thin, in the room I was in if I had the ceiling lights on, or if there was a window behind it it caused visible issues. I was able to keep my existing frame and just upgrade the sheet to a thicker one.

While I was making some unnecessary purchases. I noticed the set up of one of my favorite Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers TheDragonFeeny. She puts a green cover over her chair so that you cannot see it during her streams. And I had to have one too!

Monthly spending can get out of hand if you let it. You need to ask yourself, is this something I need or something I want? Since I am currently losing money each month on my stream (and having fun doing it). I need to be more cognizant of purchases in the future.


Lastly before we move on to the traffic. I have decided to create a patreon account as a way to improve the quality of my stream. This is an option for those who enjoy the stream and want to see it grow to help out. Here is a link to my Patreon.

Now onto the traffic for the month of November.

November Traffic Highlights

  • 30% Increase YouTube Watch Hours
  • 2.68% Increase in Twitch Followers
  • 41% Increase of YouTube Impressions

November 2020 Traffic

I lost viewers the last week of November while I took a break for a week.


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: November 8 (Prior Month 11)  27% Decrease
Hours Watched:  November 220 (Prior Month 312) 29.4% Decrease
Followers gained: November 31 (Prior Month 46) 32.6% Decrease
Total Followers: November 1186 (Prior Month 1155) 2.5% Increase
Views gained: November 526 (Prior Month 545) 21.8% Decrease
Peak viewer: November 23 (Prior Month 48) 52.1% Decrease
Hours streamed: November 25 (Prior Month 27) 6.4% Decrease

I Lost Followers For The First Time

I took a week off at the end of November for Thanksgiving and to spend some much needed time with the family. During that week I lost 4 followers. That is not a lot, and I actually don’t mind. Followers are only worth keeping if they actually want to watch your content.

This is once a gain a testament to maintaining a constant schedule. Unlike YouTube, people come to twitch to watch live content. If you take time off, there are consequences. I only say this because it is true, not because I think you should feel back for taking a break to keep yourself healthy and happy, I am actually a advocate for taking breaks when you need them.

All My Twitch Stats Took a Dump

Actually, all my twitch stats took a dump this month. In an effort to make myself feel a little better and avoid the possibility that my content might not be as entertaining as I would like to think it is. I am going to go ahead and say that my lowered stats are the direct result of the election year and place the blame entirely on Donald Trump.

Or maybe it was the week I took off at the end of the month?

November’s YouTube views were pretty static.


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: November 429 (Prior Month 463) 7.9% Decrease
Watch time hours: November 24.1 (Prior Month 23.1) 4.1% Increase
Subscribers: November 250 (Prior Month 240) 4.16% Increase
Avg views per viewer: November 1.6 (Prior Month 1.7) 6.2% Decrease
Avg view duration: November 3:21min (Prior Month 2:59min) 12% Increase
Impressions: November 9.9k (Prior Month 7k) 41% Increase
Click Through Rate: November 2.4 (Prior Month 3.3) 27% Decrease

Schedule Out Your YouTube Videos

One of the nice things about YouTube is that you can take a week off and still schedule out all your videos so you can keep a consistent posting schedule.

That being said, my channel has a symbiotic relationship with my Twitch channel. During my live streams on twitch I am constantly letting my chat now that I also have a YouTube channel. I tend to get a 1 or 2 subscribers to my YouTube channel each time I stream on Twitch.

Taking a week of Twitch currently also effects my YouTube channel negatively.

Try To Stream Different Things

Another thing worth pointing out, my most popular video during the month of November was a 3D Modeling tutorial that I posted in June. I have received advice from some friends in the community in the past telling me that I should focus more variety in my streams, and this seems to be evidence that they were right.

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: November 65 (Prior Month 26) 147% Increase
Engagement: November 2 (Prior Month 1) 100% Increase

Don’t let the increases in my Facebook video stats fool you. These stats are horrible.

The last time I uploaded a video to YouTube was August and it seems to have finally gotten some views. HA HA.

I am going to commit to uploading my videos to Facebook for the month of December and then decide if I want to give up on Facebook video entirely for the year of 2021.

Top November Tweet


Followers: November 600 (Prior Month 562) 6.7% Increase
Tweets: November 85 (Prior Month 127) 33% Decrease
Mentions: November 30 (Prior Month 31) 3.2% Decrease
Profile visits: November 490 (Prior Month 624) 21.4% Decrease
Tweet Impressions November 20.1k (Prior Month 20.8k) 3.3% Decrease
New Followers: November 38 (Prior Month 117) 67% Decrease


Followers: November 1226 (Prior Month 1223) 0.24% Increase


Facebook page

Page followers: November 282 (Prior Month 277) 1.7% Decrease
Net followers: November 5 (Prior Month 2) 71% Increase


Checkpoint Town Discord Server


The Twitch to Twitter Relationship

Taking a week off of Twitch also means I am not as active on Twitter. Which means, I don’t tweet as much and I don’t get noticed and grow as much on that platform.

So the Big takeaway from this month’s report?

Twitch is the linchpin that keeps this whole enterprise together.

During the Holiday’s it is going to be a given that I am going to take a dip in stats. If I compare the big gains I achieved in October, the dip really is not that bad at all.

Keep on keeping on.

See you all in January when I post my final Report for December 2020.

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