June 2020 Traffic Report

The Mid Year Slump – June 2020 Twitch YouTube Traffic Report

Ah June, the sixth month of the year. And this is a special month this year as it marks the halfway point of 2020. The year that will live in infamy – the year of Covid 19.

This, my friends, is the sixth glorious edition of the Checkpoint Professor monthly stats report for Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and even Social Media. We report it all, the ups, the downs and everything in between.

Ok, but really, if you have read the last couple updates I am playing a little game of update catch up at the moment. Truth be told, it is the middle of August right now. So after July, I will be reporting my stats in REAL TIME! At the moment I am looking back at these stats knowing what happens the month after, so goals are a dollar short and a day late at this point. 

But I am reporting them anyway!

Reviewing the numbers has actually given me great ideas for how to approach my stream today. I hope you find some of this as useful as I do.

Reporting The Numbers Brings New Ideas

Like always, my goal with my traffic report is to learn and document what I am doing so I can focus on what works, and to present this information to others so they might be able to find some use from it.

You can find my stream at twitch.tv/checkpointprofessor

When And What Do I Stream?

In June I streamed art for 26 hours and SMM2 for 9 hours.

I’m a variety and creative part time streamer. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning you can find me playing Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels from 7 am to 9 am MST. I am also a full time dad, so I do my best to make this weekly schedule. At random times you will find me streaming indie games, student games, digital art, and working on personal game projects.

For the year of 2020 I have committed myself to post a YouTube video every day. This may seem daunting, but I batch edit them and schedule them out for the week.

June Growth Highlights

  • 20% Increase in Twitch Followers
  • 20% Increase in YouTube Subscribers

June 2020

June saw a 54.3% decrease in followers on Twitch


Checkpoint Professor Twitch Channel

Avg Viewer Count: 14 → 12  (-2) -14.3%
Hours Watched: 545 → 485 (-59) -10.9%
Followers gained: 129 → 59 (-70) -54.3%
Total Followers: 835 → 894  (+59) +7%
Views gained: 830 → 950 (+120) +14.5%
Peak viewer: 36 → 38  (+2) +5.6%
Hours streamed: 36 → 37 (+1)  +4.2%

June was an interesting month for Twitch.

For starters after the first two weeks of the month I completely stopped my Super Mario Maker 2 streams. Up until this point, I had been constantly streaming SMM2 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for 2-3 hours before I began my work day. I took a hiatus from this starting June 13th.

I had a good reason for this. Mid June I began teaching 2 online video game related courses for a campus in South Korea. The plan was to teach them in person in Korea. But this being 2020, the year of the pandemic, instead I taught them remotely from home.

Korean time is 13 hours ahead of my time in Utah. So I taught these classes from 6pm till 1am Sunday – Thursday. The rest of the day was spent with class prep, and answering student emails and questions. Needless to say, this took every ounce of my energy, and game streaming was put on hold.

However, this didn’t put an end to streaming. I used Twitch and Zoom in my classes alternately for video game art and lectures. Because of this, my hours did not decline over the month, but much of my other stats did.

Super Mario Maker 2, seems to be my bread and butter when it comes to Twitch. That and a consistent schedule.

June 2020 YouTube subscribers saw a 5.7% increase over May


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: 1.0k → 681 (-319) -31.9%
Watch time hours: 63.5 → 33.6 (-29.9) -47%
Subscribers: 174 → 183  (+9) +5.7%
Avg views per viewer: 1.7 → 1.9 (+.2) +11.7%
Avg view duration: 3:48 min → 2:57 min (-51 sec) -22%
Impressions: 16.1k → 13.1k (-3k) -15%
click through rate: 3.6% → 3.0 (-.6%) -16.6%

During June my YouTube channel suffered a similar fate as did Twitch. 

I did not have the time nor energy to constantly keep up content. Spoiler alert for next month, I will have some of the same issues as classes spill over into July. But, seriously, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: 112 → 59 (-53) -47%
Engagement: 7 → 2 (-5) -71%

Same story continues. I need to get back to uploading my videos to facebook.

I am already doing the work of making them. I may as well double dip on that.



Followers: 370 → 374 (+4) +1%
Tweets: 100 → 100 (0) 0%
Mentions: 13 → 24 (+11) +84%
Profile visits: 117 → 125 (+8) +6.8%
Tweet Impressions: 17.2k → 14.5k (-2.7k) -31%
New followers: 19 → 4 (-15) -78%



Followers: 1260 → 1255 (-5) -.3%


Facebook page

Page followers: 266 → 267 (+1) +.3%
Net followers: 8 → 1 (-7) -87%


Checkpoint Town Discord Server

Not a lot to write home about this month in regards to social media. 

It looks like I tweeted about the same amount as May.

Take Away:

I am seeing a bit of a slump as we finish up mid year 2020. 

I am going to take some time to reflect on my stats to find more systems to improve things going forward. 

What do you think I should focus on next?

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