Twitch, YouTube, Social Media – Growth and Traffic Report January 2020

I was recently asked to speak on game development and Twitch streaming at the Utah local IGDA chapter. My talk was focused on How to Grow Your Twitch Channel and included aspects of Twitch to YouTube Conversion. Part of the talk involved methods I was using to promote my stream efficiently, while only utilizing a part time schedule. 

This was the first time I had really taken a hard look at my numbers.

I gotta say, I was doing better than I thought. The short and sweet synopsis is that consistency of applied tried and true methods, even only part time, will translate to growth. 

In this blog, I will share the methods I revealed in my talk How to Grow Your Twitch Channel  and how you can apply them to your own stream. You’ll see the effect it is having on my Twitch Stream, YouTube channel and Social Media presence. 

The tracking aspect of what I discovered through looking at the numbers and analyzing the data is a benefit as I refine my process, and offers an objective look at where I need to focus my limited time.  

How to Grow Your Twitch Channel

  • 1575% Increase in Twitch followers
  • 3571% Increase in Twitch watch time
  • 452% Increase in YouTube watch time
  • 132% Increase in Facebook Video minutes viewed

January 2020

January 2020 Twitch Follower Count, 1575% increase over December’s followers


Avg Viewer Count: 5 (-1) –16.7%
Hours Watched: 232 (+181) +3571%
Followers gained: 67 (+63) +1575%
Views gained: 526 (+415) + 373.9%
Peak viewer: 23 (+1) + 4.5%
Hours streamed: 37 (+29) +365.6%

My schedule on Twitch is fairly consistent. I stream Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 6:30 am to 8:30 am.

This is not ideal timing for viewership, but as I mentioned this is a part time side gig. My full time job and my family come first. This is the only set a schedule I am able to keep.

At random times throughout the week, as I’m able to squeeze them in, I also focus on variety streaming including: play testing student games, playing other games, creating art, and working on level design.

January 2020 YouTube view stats, 207% increase over December


Checkpoint Professor YouTube Channel

Views: 267 +207%
Watch time hours: 14.5 +452%
Subscribers: +16 +100%
Avg views per viewer: 3.7 +77%
Avg view duration: 3:15 min +80%
Impressions: 2.6k +457%
lick through rate: 5.2% +16%

I created my new YouTube Channel in November after going through some re-branding. I began re-uploading videos from the old channel, and realized that with quick editing of my twitch videos it was possible to upload a video everyday, even on a part time schedule.

I focus on segmenting each morning Twitch stream up into three separate YouTube videos. I am not able to commit a lot of time to these so they are pretty raw. I usually spend a couple of hours editing, and am able to schedule a weeks worth of videos during that time.

Jan 2020 Facebook watch time 132% increase in minutes viewed over December

Facebook Video:

Facebook page

Minutes viewed: 1.3k +132%
Engagement: 30 +76.5%
Followers: +72 -46.7%

I upload the exact same videos as I post on YouTube on Facebook Video. This is easy work as they all get the same exact title, description, and thumbnail. 

I already created the content, might as well get the most of it!


Followers: 297
Tweets: 91
Retweets: 32
Mentions: 23
Profile visits: 173
Tweet Impressions: 22.2k
New followers: 18


Followers: 1276


Page followers: 210


Checkpoint Town Discord Server

I have never been good at keeping up on Social media, but Twitch and YouTube actually help me out a lot with this. Every time I go live, I immediately post an update across all of my social media letting the community know where I’m at.

I start with Twitter, which has my strongest conversion rate. Then I copy and paste that across the rest.

I also repeat this process every time a new video goes live. As the videos are scheduled in advance, I simply wait for the alert ping and then hit all my social media accounts. 

There are programs that do this for you, but they cost additional fees. This way I don’t have any added expenditures. 

This method has helped me keep a consistent system for posting, and the growth has been pretty consistent so far.

Summary of Actions:

  • Streamed three scheduled mornings per week, roughly 2 hour sessions
  • Streamed random times as schedule permits
  • Chopped stream footage into daily video releases
  • Post updates on social media at every occurrence of going live, video published etc…


Twitch growth was massive this month because I did not stream at all during December. Though my viewer count did take a dip.

YouTube and Facebook Video experienced a good increase in views, this is the first month I am posting daily, and both are new channels.

Main Take Away:

And that is How to Grow Your Twitch Channel!


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